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About Grace

Grace MacKinnon is the President and Senior Writer/Principal Speaker of Dear Grace Ministries. She is the writer of the syndicated Catholic newspaper column “Dear Grace,” which is published in a number of Catholic and secular publications throughout the country. Her feature articles have also appeared in Catholic magazines such as This Rock, Lay Witness, Catholic Digest, Share The Word, Canticle Magazine, HLI Reports, and others. She is a public speaker and teacher, whose mission is to help adult Catholics and non-Catholics to come to better know and fully understand the beauty and richness of the truth found in the Catholic faith. Another great theme and focus of her mission is promoting the sanctity of human life.

Ms. MacKinnon holds a Master of Arts degree in theology from the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, Texas. From 1997 to 2004, she served as an instructor for adults for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brownsville, Texas. She has also served as a faculty member of the San Juan Diego Lay Ministry Institute. Today, she teaches courses on a variety of Catholic topics and is a welcomed speaker at conferences, meetings, and workshops throughout the U.S. In addition, she has been the host of the television series “The Joy of Our Faith,” which aired on local PBS throughout south Texas and northern Mexico in 1998.

Her new book “Dear Grace: Answers to Questions About the Faith” was published by Our Sunday Visitor in 2003. The book is a collection of the first two years of her newspaper column Dear Grace, which is now being published as far away as Korea, Ireland, Japan, and Peru (in Spanish). The book has an Imprimatur, with a preface written by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand.

Grace’s life story “Moments of Grace” is featured in the book “Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer,” edited by Jeff Cavins and Matthew Pinto and released from Ascension Press. In this story and also in her audiotape “Moments of Grace,” she shares her experiences of growing up as a disabled child in a poverty-stricken family of eight children living on the Mexican border of south Texas. Initially institutionalized in a school for crippled children, she tells of the battle, against all odds, to obtain a normal education and of the people who played a significant and positive role in her life. It is a story of struggle, courage and hope that she hopes will help people to realize the power of God’s grace in the life of one single person – and thus how precious every human life truly is.