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Preface by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

God always surprises us by those whom He chooses to help build up His Kingdom. Most of the great apparitions, for example, were granted to poor, small people – those who looked weak in the eyes of the world – but whose hearts, however, were pure and in search of God. Let us think of Juan Diego at Guadalupe, Bernadette at Lourdes, Lucia de Jesús and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Martos at Fatima. None of them would have been the choice of the “wise” men of this world. But they were God’s choice because His ways are not our ways, and He achieves His purpose best by reminding us that He is the one who achieves victory while using seemingly weak human instruments whose strength is to recognize their weakness while putting all their trust in God. For it is in their “weakness” that God reveals His power and His message all the more.

One of these whom He chose was Grace – and it is providential indeed that her name is Grace, because the work she has accomplished and still accomplishes cannot be explained except by and through God’s grace.

Here is a woman who, from her very birth, made the acquaintance of the Cross. Born with a physical disability, she had to fight against the greatest odds in her constant struggles from day to day. Carried by “grace,” however, She understood that the Cross is the way to supernatural victory. Grace conquered discouragement, and realized that – difficult as her life was – she could overcome defeat. She decided to learn her faith, and because she was faithful, she learned it well. But she also learned that faith is not something to be accepted only intellectually, but that it must be lived.

Having completed her degree in theology, Grace waited for God to call her. She understood that she was to share the knowledge she had obtained with “blood, sweat and tears.” By dint of constant effort and sacrifice, she began to write weekly columns in a local newspaper and invited readers to submit their questions and difficulties. In her heart, was a profound longing to teach the truths of the Catholic faith, and she was especially sensitive to the needs of those to whom it had not been properly taught. God had prepared her for this and He visibly blessed her work. With time, many people learned of her writing and its’ clear explanation of Catholic doctrine. Thus, her work spread and spread. With and through the Cross, God was giving her the immense consolation of sharing her knowledge and love of truth with others. And she does so to this very day.

Dear Grace offers the hungry souls of the faithful an amazing array of topics, from dogmas to moral, from moral to the liturgy, from liturgy to timely topics. Grace addresses herself to a large audience, and her unique and great gift is that she answers their questions with empathy, love, and understanding, while at the same time remaining firmly grounded in the teachings of the Church. Her columns are well documented with quotations from Holy Scripture, from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the writings of the popes.

Grace now has a huge mission and helps thousands of starving souls – people hungry to learn the truths of their faith. We should realize that what she is accomplishing is the work of God – the work of grace. And this grace has made her faithful in spite of the daily hurdles that she even now still encounters along her path.

Grace has changed defeat into a victory for God. Thank you, Dear Grace!

Alice von Hildebrand, PhD