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Grace MacKinnon has inspired hundreds of people to come to a deeper love of their Catholic faith through her talks, courses, and retreats. This is the mission of Dear Grace Ministries.

Below is a list of just some of the topics that Grace can speak on. Contact us if there is a specific topic that your group or event is interested in.

Speaking Topics:

Moments of Grace – Grace MacKinnon’s life story testimony.

Come Fall in Love with Jesus Christ – The basic fundamental Teachings of the Catholic Church. 6 or 12 hour seminar. Now offered in both English and Spanish!

Suffering is about Love – Discovering the meaning of human suffering.

The Road to Life – A look at the Ten Commandments and the moral life today.

The Historical Roots of the Mass – The parts of the Mass explained.

The Eucharist – What should the Mass mean for us? Why go to Mass?

Confession – Why should we confess to a priest?

A Summary of the Sacraments – They are not just rituals!

Mary in the Plan of God – To love Jesus is to love His Mother!

The Revelation of the Triune God – Understanding the Apostles’ Creed – a whole lot more than meets the eye! A summary of what Catholics believe.

One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church – The unique marks of the Catholic Church.

The Protestant Reformation – What really caused the split in the Catholic Church?

Loving the Catholic Church – An overview of her history.

Natural Family Planning and the Natural Law – The beauty of true marital sexual love.

Stewardship of the Body in Christian Marriage – The gift of a man and woman in marriage.

Finding a Catholic Spouse for Life! – God has someone for you!

The Dignity of Woman, Formed in Truth – Understanding God’s plan for women is what will truly liberate them.

The Path to Holiness – Becoming a new person in Christ

Fees are negotiable depending on the ability of the sponsoring group.

Travel and Lodging Requirements:

Travel: Air travel (outside local area) plus handicapped accessible transportation to and from airport.

Lodging: Hotel accommodations are preferred. *Must be handicapped accessible* - double occupancy to accommodate female travel assistant when necessary.

Other Requirements:

Book table: It is appreciated if the sponsoring group will provide one assistant and a table for books and other items.

To book Grace MacKinnon for your talk or event, contact us at Dear Grace Ministries at
866-841-6515. Or send an e-mail to


Grace at a speaking engagement

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