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Catholic Evangelization and Outreach

"Dear Grace" Sunday Bulletin Column


Weekly Answers to Questions about the Catholic Faith

Timely! Interesting! Faithful!

Available in English and Spanish!

Catholics have many questions about the faith and how to practice it. They want to know such things as:

  • Why is the day Jesus died called Good Friday?
  • Can a person who is married outside the Church receive Holy Communion?
  • When I enter a church, should I genuflect towards the altar, the crucifix, or the tabernacle?
  • Will a baby who died in miscarriage go to heaven even if he was not baptized?

How can the "Dear Grace" column be used in your parish?

  • Insert it in your parish bulletin.
  • Place it in the vestibule of your church.
  • Provide it as handout to RCIA participants and those in Scripture study groups.
  • Use it as teaching material in catechist training and sacramental preparation.

How can "Dear Grace" help you accomplish your Adult Faith Formation goals?

  • It will give your parishioners straightforward and well-documented answers to many questions regarding the Church’s teaching in the areas of faith and morals.
  • It will help parents teach the faith to their children.
  • It will assist married or engaged couples who have questions about marriage and other moral issues.
  • It will reach out to committed, lukewarm, or lapsed Catholics who want direct and clear answers regarding what the Church teaches.
  • It will inform non-Catholic visitors to your parish, who are curious about the Catholic Church and her teachings.

Give them answers you can trust!

  • Answers are in conformity with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • They are based on Scripture, the Catechism, and official Church documents for reference.

Use "Dear Grace" to help you accomplish your mission of Adult Faith Formation.

Teach the Catholic faith for only pennies per parishioner per week!

Here's How It Works

The "Dear Grace" columns will be sent to your parish by electronic or US mail. Every six weeks, you will receive new bulletin inserts for the following six Sundays - in English or Spanish, or both!

You will receive an electronic PDF or Microsoft Word file (by e-mail) or a print version (hard copy) by regular mail, from which your parish may make as many copies as needed.

  • One-year subscription (52 issues) - $250.00/year
  • Two-year subscription (104 issues) - $400.00/year
    * Regular mail print version adds $25 per year to your price.

The subscription price amounts to about $5.00 per week to make all the copies you want. That's only pennies per parishioner!

Receive a FREE copy of Grace MacKinnon's new book, "Dear Grace: Answers to Questions About the Faith" for your paid subscription as our gift to you for your subscription.

Questions? Contact us at

Ordering Information

You can order over the phone at 866-841-6515 .

Samples in PDF Format

You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it to view the samples


Use Dear Grace Bulletin Columns in your Sunday Parish Bulletin

Or use them in Religious Education

You can also keep them in your Vestibule Litrature Rack